Would You Wallpaper?

i've had a love affair with wallpaper for a while now. the idea of adding a little something extra to a room, texture, print, it's exciting. the trouble is, wallpaper is forever. you have to really commit.

2017 Book List

i've ben chasing books lately. i go through these phases of purging and collecting books and we're currently living through the latter. i suppose it flows with my stress levels and changes in our lives. when each of my kids were born i went for more books. when i moved to ohio i loaded up my amazon wishlist. and now, on the cusp of another move, more books.


it's a dance that we've fallen in to over the years. our roles within the house have shaped in to a balancing act. and when something doesn't go as planned, as prescribed, resentment rears it's ugly head. 'it was my job to fold, you didn't put away the clothes', 'why is the dishwasher still full?' ...


so today i'm 27 years old. and i have three kids and life's pretty hard but i know who i am and i know what i want and i know that when i'm 40 my kids will be in college and i won't have to worry about babysitters or preschool or tantrums. and for now, i'm young enough to keep up with my toddlers and i'm pretty damn proud of my age.

I'm Not A Minimalist

i have white sheets, i purge my belongings constantly (moving is a great excuse. downsizing is even better. i'm in a great position for both), i DIY my cleaning products, i have a capsule wardrobe, i don't make unnecessary purchases.

but i am not a minimalist.


what kind of underwear do you wear? i haven't purchased new underthings since getting pregnant with william. that was over 5 years ago. this year, i plan to toss everything and start fresh. and then madewell sends an email about the new intimates collection and it's like the universe knew that i needed to get started on revamping my underwear collection ;) 

Life in Pictures

life has been a bit slower over here lately. i've been reading every book i can get my hands on about slowing down, taking the time, minding the gap. i've also picked up some new habits (waking up at 5:30am before the little ones tiptoe downstairs) and new hobbies...

What Do You Do?

i get a pit in my stomach when someone asks me 'what do you do?' or 'do you just stay at home with the kids?' or 'do you work outside the home?'

probably the one that irks me the most is the 'just'. i 'just' stay at home. i'm 'just' a stay at home mom. i 'just' work from home. because that 'just'is the ugliest word in the english language. because being a stay at home mom is 'just' something anyone can do. being a stay at home mom is 'just' what a woman is supposed to do when she has children.