Life By Bri began in 2012 as a way to share stories of a new life as a mother with family and friends thousands of miles away. A new resident of Southern California, Bri carved out a space on the internet to document her life, share her stories, and create a space for herself. Over the last five years, Life By Bri has evolved in to a community of women from around the world looking for connection, friendships, and most of all, someone to tell them that it's okay to not have it all figured out. The stories haven't changed much from those early days; they've grown deeper, larger, and more involved. As Bri's family has grown larger, so has this blog. Becoming a place where other women can share their stories and gain that connection they're searching for.  

Above all, it's a space for belonging. You'll see the phrase "you are so welcome here" scattered throughout and we really mean it. You, yes you, are so welcome here. If you're a mother of 3 like Bri, a new wife, a divorced mama of teens, a grandmother, a woman contemplating how to start a family: you are so welcome here. We don't gloss over the hard parts, don't put perfection on a pedestal. We grapple with difficult questions, seasons and outcomes. We keep it real, and hope that you feel as though you're right there with us as we wade through these uneasy waters of motherhood together.
xoxo bri


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