it all started when ...

i needed a place to vent. to share my joys and triumphs, my trials and tribulations as a new mother. i quickly moved from silly little life updates to what all the other bloggers were doing. completely losing whatever original focus and mission i had in the first place.

fast forward four years and a lot has changed. we've moved more times than i can count, added 2 babies (that's 3 total!), lost two pregnancies, lost a dog, and gained a few amazing friends along the way. i've learned a lot, i've failed a lot, and i've cried a lot.

so if you're in the same boat as me, hang on and start paddling. things may get a little bumpy along the way, but there's a break in this storm called motherhood and if not, well i'm willing to dance in the rain if you are.


About the Author

brianna (bri) towne is an ohio native, vigrinia-born, southern california transplant. she has a degree in philosophy from hanover college and is currently pursuing a master's in nutrition education from american university. 


bike rides on the beach, cold beer, ice cream, homemade bread, running as the sun sets, late night political chats, backyard firepits, house plants of all sizes, going to the bathroom with the door closed and the west wing.

does not love

balloons, birds, staying up late, waking up early, sudden changes in plans, talking on the phone, facebook, video games, being wrong, 'reply all' emails, and watching videos online.




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