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Something you're totally passionate about. Something that you could write about for hours. A fashion-maven with personal styling tips. An aspiring pastry chef with delicious recipes. A finance wiz dedicated to helping women with their money. A stay-at-home mama with an incredible eye for design.
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Please submit topics to hello@lifebybri.com with the subject 'Submission - YourName'

Please be as specific as possible with your topic submissions and include the following:

  • What you would like to write about & links to related content already written (this can be articles published on your own blog or elsewhere. if you don't have any currently, please write up a draft of an article you think would be a good fit here)
  • Links to your blog/website & social media
  • How often you'd like to contribute (weekly? monthly? something else?)

We review submissions regularly and you should hear back within 48hours!