our story

you are so welcome here


Mama, wife, cook, chauffeur, nurse, boo-boo kisser, secretary, personal shopper, assistant, referee, etc etc etc.

Hey, mama! Are you still in there? You, before you had kids. You, before the never-ending laundry. You, as a woman, as a person, a single entity. 

We get it. Life happens. Mom-ing happens. But you don't have to lose yourself.

There's always some et cetera in our lives. Something external pulling us in fifteen directions. You are not alone in feeling frustrated, lonely, confused and scared. You are not alone running from doctor appointment to preschool to soccer practice and forgetting to eat. To pee. To breathe. Your story is my story. 

You are so welcome here.


Root Well. Move Well. Eat Well. Be Well.
A holistic approach to wellness.

Monthly gatherings to support each other, find community, and build relationships.
You are so welcome here.