Reconstructive plastic surgery for tumors of the head and neck organs (minimally invasive surgery)

The organs of the head and neck are a delicate area, and special attention is paid to it by oncologists: resection affects not only aesthetics (which in itself has a negative effect on human life), but also vital functions. Thus, resection of the tongue leads to impaired swallowing and lack of speech. The task of modern medicine is not just to remove the tumor, but also to return a person to a habitual way of life, which helps to do reconstructive plastic surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is part of the high-tech medical care (VMP) “Medical City”. Thanks to a large scientific and technical base and the experience of employees, Medical City successfully performs complex operations and provides medical care at the level of world standards. That is why more than 25 thousand foreign guests, including residents of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and others, visit the Medical City annually for surgical treatment of tumors. You can read more about the VMP on the page.

Reconstructive surgery and treatment of head and neck cancer in Russia

The purpose of reconstructive surgery is to restore the working capacity of the organ and achieve a better aesthetic effect with minimal risk of rejection of plastic material. For the reconstruction of the organs of the head and neck, patchwork techniques are used, while the material is taken from the patient himself, which minimizes the risk of rejection.

If we talk about neoplasms of the skin, then up to 50% of tumors are localized on the scalp. In this case, the method of autodermoplasty is used, that is, the movement of free skin flaps from their own tissues, and, with large defects, free revascularized flaps from other parts of the body.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used in the framework of facial skeleton plastic surgery, when tissue removal leads to serious disability. Such operations allow you to restore the functions of nutrition, speech, swallowing and other vital functions.

Medical City doctors try to maintain a balance between three important components of surgery to the maximum: the functionality of the organ being restored, its aesthetic qualities and traumatization of the donor zone. What does it look like for patients?

Suppose we have a patient with a diagnosed cancer of the tongue at stage 3 or 4. The removal of the tumor and reconstructive plastic surgery to eliminate the defect and restore the work of the organ are shown. For such an operation, various plastic materials can be used, for example, tissues of the abdomen, forearm, back, chest. The doctor will choose the most optimal zone, take into account the wishes of the patient himself, that is, he will approach the problem individually.

Performing operations in “Medical City”

The experience and technical equipment of surgeons working within the Medical City cluster allows performing complex operations:

complex treatment of tumors of the jaws, structures of the oral cavity and pharynx with simultaneous compensation of the defects received;

microsurgical elimination of facial defects with a complex of own tissues;

microneuroplasty to restore the mobility of facial muscles;

resection of the tongue, parotid salivary gland, upper or lower jaw, craniofacial complex with reconstructive plastic component.

The doctor focuses on low-traumatic techniques. If it is possible to perform the operation by the endoscopic method, that is, without extensive surgical intervention, the surgeon will make every effort to do this.

Reconstructive tracheal surgery in Russia

Anastomosis and endoscopic stenting are used as part of resection. Such operations are indicated for tracheal stenosis or the spread of the tumor process to the trachea and larynx. Today, tracheal surgery works in combination with endoscopic techniques that help to expand and maintain the lumen of the respiratory tract.

Tracheal surgery works in combination with endoscopic techniques

3 reasons why foreign guests choose “Medical City” for treatment

The direction of reconstructive medicine is one of the most complex and promising in Medical City. We are proud that we were able to attract the best specialists in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery to work, thereby reaching the international level of treatment standards

Today, residents of China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt and other countries are increasingly choosing Tyumen, not Israel, for the following reasons:

Comprehensive support. Even before signing the contract, you are accompanied by a consultant doctor, upon returning home you can also get advice online.

More favorable cost. Both flights and diagnostic procedures, surgical manipulations are 2 or more times cheaper, which is explained by the exchange rate.

High level of medicine. Medical institutions are equipped with expert-class equipment, you are treated by doctors with international practice.

Medical City specialists emphasize transparency and honesty. We do not assign “unnecessary” studies, and we recommend coming only when we understand exactly that we can solve your problem.