We build the right nutrition

Vitamins take an active part in the work of all body systems, including the immune system. They are critically important for its normal functioning. Therefore, experts advise to build a balanced nutrition system, be sure to include vegetables and fruits in it. This is especially true for the cold season, when their consumption is traditionally reduced.

“Hypovitaminosis often develops in winter, potentially threatening real failures in the work of the immune system. Although there is still no unequivocal opinion on this in the expert community, everyone recognizes the importance of vitamins in the diet. Unfortunately, it is impossible to “eat” vitamins for the future during the summer period. Their stock is constantly consumed within the framework of exchange processes. Therefore, especially in winter, it is necessary to monitor the usefulness of the diet.”

— Valery Savanovich, founder and owner of the online medical laboratory Lab4U

For example, it is known that vitamin A supports the health of the skin, eyes, and also protects against infections. At the same time, beta-carotene and other provitamins-carotenoids (found in green leafy and yellow vegetables, carrots, dark or brightly colored fruits), turn into vitamin A. Carotenoids are best absorbed from vegetables if combined with any fat. Ideal option: salad, seasoned with olive oil.

Try to have carrots rich in vitamin A, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, currants, sea buckthorn, greens (parsley, dill, spinach) in the diet. Meat, dairy, fish products and poultry meat are important. They contain vitamin B, which is necessary for the immune system. Vegetarians should not forget about this fact.

For proper nutrition correction , it is necessary:

Consult a doctor, describing to him all the complaints and general well-being

Take tests for the level of vitamins in the body (it can be individual vitamins or a comprehensive study on the direction of the attending physician)

To change the diet or start taking vitamin supplements, according to the recommendations of a specialist

, “Vitamin and mineral complexes cannot be prescribed independently. Such remedies are prescribed only by a doctor after passing tests for the level of vitamins and trace elements. There is always a risk of getting an overdose of even useful substances. And an excess of vitamins is no less dangerous than their lack.”