New study: the risks of using tobacco heating systems are lower for health compared to cigarettes

In July 2021, the first evidence was published in the medical journal “Internal and Emergency Medicine” that tobacco heating systems are a significantly lower risk to consumer health compared to smoking cigarettes. The authors of the study say that a complete switch to tobacco heating systems in terms of biomarkers of potential harm is comparable to quitting smoking [8]. Such results are possible due to the reduction of exposure to certain toxic substances and indicators of potential harm for 6 months in smokers who have completely switched to tobacco heating systems.

The relevance of the problem of tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoking is the main risk factor for the development of malignant tumors, heart and vascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes, the mortality from which is 75-80% of mortality from all causes, both in the world and in Russia [1]. The risk of developing a smoking-related illness correlates with daily cigarette consumption and the number of years since the start of smoking and is due to exposure to inhaled toxic substances that are transferred to cigarette smoke when tobacco is burned [2]. Gorenje, the study found. Although quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing diseases, and a large proportion of smokers report a desire to quit smoking and make attempts to stop smoking, no more than 1 in 10 smokers successfully quit smoking every year [1, 3].

Every year, no more than 1 in 10 smokers successfully give up smoking.

Russia is among the five countries that suffer the greatest losses due to the high morbidity and mortality of the population caused by tobacco smoking [4]. Smoking is the fourth cause of death in Russia, causing 15.1% of deaths [4]. The burden of smoking is 5,797,219 lost years of quality life (DALYs) of Russians per year, or 9.2% of the total DALYS. Smoking causes 22% of all newly reported diseases [4].